Custom Web Design

The window for capturing an online visitor is small. Your website doesn't live on a desktop anymore. People now use mobile phones, car screens, tablets and TV screens. Your website must load according to that unknown screen sizes of future in all modern browsers. We create websites using the latest responsive coding that smartly adjust their layouts to fit any size screen. We can design, redesign, or simply help manage your existing web presence. Our in-house team of designers and developers has a proven track record with companies big, medium and small. We specialize in Custom Built CMS or Wordpress websites that are custom tailored to meet your specific business needs. You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager to communicate all questions, concerns, or requests. Your Project Manager is available by email, phone, or meeting, and 24 hours (usually much less response time is standard). Additionally, we offer unlimited revisions during the design phase until the prototype for the home page is approved. Once a design is chosen, we assign a developer to program the website (publishing) according to the project scope. Once development is completed, we present the working site on a demo server to initiate modifications/edits and testing. After the site is approved, we will place the site live and beta test all functionalities on the specified domain. MediaLinkers specializes in building websites using Word Press, however we highly recommend a Custom Design and Custom Programmed CMS.
What is a Custom Designed Website?
A custom website is built in Photoshop and initially demonstrated to our clients as a prototype. The client has the option to ask for unlimited revisions to achieve exactly what they envision. Once the design is finalized, MediaLinkers Development Team creates HTML pages and programs each module of the CMS. (Most other companies use cookie cutter Templates changing pictures and verbiage integrating the exact same theme (and functionality) into Word Press. 
Layouts and Designs
We will offer complete interface design elements including: 
•    Theme 
•    Icon Branding 
•    Website Pages (for front-end and back-admin)
•    Strong CTAs (Call To Action) Buttons strategically placed to encourage further dialogue between new visitors and the 
Benefits of a Custom Web Development:
Although the plugins your previous web designer used in your current Word Press sounds ideal;  Did you know those same plugins are extremely vulnerable to the average hacker or malware attack?
You may (or may not be) aware your previous website manager/designer is using 3rd party codes inside the actual Plugins. For Example: A copy of your reservation Form or Contact form could be farmed and harvested to spam rich classes. All Word Press digital platforms have a universal standardized code. That universal code is extremely vulnerable when exploited. Media Linkers is customized to prevent breeches. 
A Unique Design (exclusive to your business ie; industry niche) Each CMS module will be built exactly to fit your specific needs making it Secure, Reliable, and Easy to Manage.


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